Hotels to have menu sans chicken for some days

Kerala Broiler Coordination Committee has announced an indefinite strike from Tuesday demanding reduction in tax rates on chicken.

The committee, consisting of members of farming and trading community, blamed the high rates of tax imposed by the government for the escalation in prices which has rendered the business unprofitable.

The hotel industry in the State has decided to abandon chicken dishes in view of the high prices, the Kerala Broiler Coordination committee pointed out.

Many of the hotels will opt to have a menu sans chicken for the next few days.

A decision to this effect was taken by the hotels’ organisations in view of the spurt in the prices of chicken.

Though chicken-based food items have good demand, the hotels are finding it difficult to offer the variety at the prices announced earlier. The present situation has arisen out of several factors including the recent ban on chicken from neighbouring States like Tamil Nadu on health grounds. Though the State government had made plans for improving the poultry wealth of the State, a lot more initiatives are required to be taken to materialise the proposal.

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