The CBSE Class X Board examinations got under way on Saturday with the Mathematics exam.

For students good at the subject, it was the best start they could ask for. But, students with no particular love for the subject entered the exam hall with a prayer on their lips not to have their confidence shattered by the end of the three-hour ordeal.

Saturday’s exam went particularly well for Anima of Nalanda Public School even though she does have a strong taste for Maths. “The exam was quite easy and there was enough time to answer all the questions,” she said emerging out of the exam hall at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala.

Reshma‘s dislike for the subject was evident in her speech. “I prepared well. But it was tough, the questions were simply tough,” said the student of Talent Public School

However, Reshmas’ schoolmate Ashid P.S. had a different take on the exam. “One could lose marks as easily as it is possible to score them. It all depends on one’s level of proficiency in the subject,” he said.

Ankit Kumar, a student of Greets Public School, was poring over the question paper to evaluate how well he had performed in the exam. “I skipped a few questions on Geometry. It was not because the questions were tough, but I had not studied that portion,” he candidly admitted.

Ashmal Joseph of Campion School also left a couple of problems unsolved. “It was a relatively easy paper where it was definitely possible to score full marks,” he said.

Pushpa Santhosh, a Mathematics faculty at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, found the paper quite easy in keeping with the tradition of board exams. “Ninety per cent of the questions were from the textbooks. It was definitely possible for students to score cent percent marks,” she said.

Ajay, a chirpy lad, had a go at his friend who was doing a post-mortem of the exam. “Friends, here is the modern day Einstein,” he declared with the gestures to go with it. When asked how he fared, Ajay gave a prompt reply, “I am man of 65 per cent.”

As there is no exam to be conducted on Sunday, students were seen hanging about near the exam centre, long after the exam was done with.


Elation, relief on first day of CBSE examsMarch 2, 2013

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