The Indian Nurses Parents Association (INPA) adopted a resolution calling upon the concerned authorities to improve the working conditions of nurses across the country at its State convention held here on Saturday.

The association demanded the implementation of a stringent mechanism that would effectively prevent the exploitation of nurses employed in the private health sector in the country. The employment and social security of nurses should also be ensured.

It also emphasised the importance of bringing a Central legislation that would unify and improve the service conditions of nurses. The forum sought a wage revision that ensures a minimum wage of Rs.20,000.

Another resolution called for the immediate abolition of the bond system which required the payment of money for resigning from the job during the bond period.

The State government should implement the landmark ruling of the Delhi High Court that banned managements from withholding the certificates of nurses, the association said. It should also create a database that contains the details of every nurse working in other States.

Among its other resolutions, the association demanded that the educational loans of those nurses who died while in service be written off. In addition, the guardians of such nurses should be provided sufficient compensations.

The educational loans meant for nursing students should be made interest-free and their repayment period should be extended. The illegal agreements that are imposed by banks should also be rescinded, another resolution stated.

Inaugurating the programme, Anto Antony, MP and representative of the Parliament in the Indian Nursing Council, said that the mistreatment of nurses should be perceived with seriousness.

He said that nurses hailing from the State and working elsewhere should be lauded for their sincerity and commitment towards their profession. Moreover, their instrumental role in bringing about prosperity in the State to a certain extent should never be forgotten.

Delivering the presidential address, association state president D. Surendranath said that the State's successive leaderships, irrespective of the political barriers, had not fully addressed the issue of ensuring the welfare of nurses in the private health sector.

Suresh Kurup, MLA, association state secretary S. Mini and Malayali Nurses' Welfare Association president Usha Krishnakumar and others spoke on the occasion.

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