Spotting the birds nestled in the greenery of a bird sanctuary is never an easy job for a bird enthusiast. Recognising the species is yet more difficult for a commoner. But those who walk into the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary may not have to struggle for identifying the winged visitors.

A soon-to-be released publication — Birds of Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary — will come to the aid of the visitors to the sanctuary located in the city. The publication, co-authored by P. O. Nameer, Sheik Hyder Hussain and S. R. Radhakrishnan, has some fine pictures of the birds found here with brief description of the species which would help the visitors to get a basic idea about the species.

Dr. Nameer is the Associate Professor of Wildlife and Head of the Centre for Wildlife Studies of the College of Forestry, Thrissur and Mr. Hussain and Mr. Radhakrishnan are the officials of the Forest Department.

Studies on the flora and fauna of the sanctuary were carried out by more than one agency earlier and reports published. But most of them addressed the ornithologists or those who belonged to the scientific community better.

However, the new one, to be brought out by the State Forest Department, was authored with the common man in mind.

The publication, which used the data generated from the two-day survey held in November last year, 2009, had identified the presence of 34 species of birds. It has also given the common and scientific names of the species for the easy recognition of the varieties.

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