The damaged internal roads and waterlogging inside the solid waste treatment plant are hampering the clearing of accumulated waste and fertiliser at Brahmapuram Municipal Solid Waste Treatment plant of the Kochi Corporation.

Water from the nearby water body is reaching the floor of the plant and soaking the waste.

A temporary bund has been constructed for preventing water incursion. When it rains, the rain water too spreads dampness on the waste, making the processing nearly impossible, said the officials of the agency which took up the assignment to run the plant.

The 600-metre-long road that runs through the plant site has been damaged badly though some repair works were taken up earlier. Vehicles are unable to reach the plant site for taking away the manure that has been produced at the plant, though several agencies have evinced interest in purchasing the manure, he said.

Accumulated waste

A large portion of the accumulated waste has been cleared and if the good weather conditions prevail, all the accumulated waste can be cleared in three months.

The processing of the waste will be slowed down during the rainy season as more time would be required during this season for processing. Some modifications have also been introduced in the machinery so that the plant could function uninterruptedly. At present, 40 workers are engaged in the plant in three shifts and processing is in full swing, he said.

Segregation ineffective

Segregation of waste into degradable and non-degradable ones is not being carried out effectively as food waste mixed with plastic and other refuse is reaching the plant regularly.

Plastic and other non-degradable waste is filtered at the machine, he said.

With the focus of the civic authorities turning to the proposed plant, not much attention is being paid to the existing one. Timely maintenance would have ensured the smooth functioning of the plant earlier, he said.

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