Congress Idukki district committee on Sunday organised a hunger agitation at Padinjarekkara here against the CPI (M)'s politics of violence.

The fast which began at 9 a.m. was led by DCC president Roy K. Paulose and Congress leaders including P.T. Thomas M.P, KPCC general secretary E.M. Augusthy and Mahila Morcha State president Bindu Krishna attended the fast.

The leaders who spoke at the meeting in the morning condemned the violence against the party workers. They said that the fast was organised here not only against the murders in the district but also those in the entire State. They demanded that a proper inquiry in to the murders will show the real colour of CPI (M). Congress, they said always stood for peace, but it will not bow to the violence unleashed against the party workers. The fast ended at 6 p.m.

Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee president Remesh Chennithala has said that the CPI (M) followed a policy that could not have been adopted by a political party in a democratic set up.

Inaugurating the valedictory function of a hunger strike here on Sunday evening, Mr Chennithala said that CPI (M) should come forward to leave the politics of violence and the party politbureau has a responsibility to oppose the politics of violence. For protecting the democratic fabric, it is imperative for a peaceful social order, he said adding that any party that follows the path of violence deserved to be opposed and denounced.

The hunger agitation was organised here not only to denounce political violence but also to underline the political principal of non-violence.

Any party that adopt violent methods has no significance in democracy and the recent revelation of a party district secretary showed the the way of violence adopted by a political party to oppose its distractors and opposition parties. All party should discard the path of CPI (M) and by killing its opponents that party stood away from democratic principles, he said. The CPI (M) itself should look within what stand it has in a democratic set up.

If other parties too followed the same path of violence, how people fearlessly deliver the democratic rights, he asked.

If all the district secretaries of CPI (M) revealed its past like what did by a district secretary of Idukki, the real picture would have come, Mr Chennithala said. Now on, there should be an atmosphere where not a single drop of blood fallen in the name of politics, he said. All parties should support non-violence and the murder of of T.P.Chandrasekharan at Onchiyam should be the last one of political murder in the State, he said.

The Idukki District Congress Committee organised the fast for a peaceful political atmosphere which began at 9 a.m. DCC president Roy K. Paulose and other prominent leaders of Congress participated in the fast.

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