Garbage strewn along the route to the treatment plant

Lorries speeding along the Kakkanad-Infopark Road carrying waste to the solid waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram are posing a hygiene threat to Infopark.

Not less than 50 lorries a day traverse through the road en route to the waste plant.

Since the lorries are not properly covered, the waste gets thrown out of them along the way resulting in unbearable stench in the area. Besides, the lorries also leave behind a trail of nauseating waste water.

The sight is an eyesore for a place like Kakkanad which is fast becoming the IT nerve centre of the State. Though the waste is expected to be transported in fully-covered vehicles, the rule is more honoured in the breach.

Infopark authorities said that the careless practice could serve as a deterrent to prospective investors for whom hygiene is among the top priorities.

The road stretching between Edachira and Brahmapuram diesel plant also touches the proposed SmartCity Kochi and Kinfra and hence, a solution to the issue could hardly be over-emphasised, they said.

Infopark feels that taking up the issue with local authorities concerned is unlikely to make any difference.

However, authorities could at least take steps to ensure that the waste was being transported properly, eliminating the possibility of their unintended dumping along the way.

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