The strangulation to death of a woman two-wheeler rider after the scarf she wore around her neck got entangled in the running wheels, at Thodupuzha on Monday, has yet again highlighted the dangers of such careless riding.

Tisha, 24, who had been married just three months ago, had a tragic death on the road while riding pillion on her father-in-law Jose's motorbike early on Monday morning.

She was on her way to the Thodupuzha KSRTC bus stand to catch a bus to Thiruvananthapuram when the scarf (dupatta) got trapped in the rear wheel and strangulated her.

The tragedy has once again pointed to the need for proper dressing while riding two-wheelers, a Kochi traffic policeman says.

Several such deaths of women occur every year and the public attention has not yet been focussed on this road safety issue, he regretted.

He said many women riding two-wheelers wear their scarves loose and casually. This is a clear invitation to accidents as the long, loose shawl can easily get into the running wheel.

Most often, it is the women riding pillion who are the victims of such accidents which take place in just seconds. Even before the driver of the two-wheeler realises, the pillion rider gets strangled.

The death is often instantaneous.

The policeman advised those riding two-wheelers not to wear their dress loose and long, whether it is salwar-kameez or sari.

Pillion riders should be particularly careful about their sari ends or shawls.

He also advised women pillion riders who have their babies in their laps not to wear any loose dress at all.

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