Bill approved by Union Cabinet defeats rationale for Lokpal: Prashant Bhushan

The anti-corruption- movement- turned Aam Aadmi Party will have its Kerala unit soon, Prashant Bhushan, one of the senior leaders of the party, has said.

An ad hoc committee to run the affairs of the new party would be formed soon and within six months district units would be set up. Mr. Bhushan was in Kochi for two days to get a sense of the potential for the party and look out for young people capable of leading the party.

Mr. Bhushan told The Hindu that the Lokpal Bill approved by the Union Cabinet recently would not make any difference to the rampant corruption by politicians and the bureaucracy as the proposed law intended only a ‘cosmetic change.’ The entire issue was now back to square one as the Bill, for which a massive campaign had been run across the country for such a long time, would not have the teeth to fight corruption.

“Everything has now gone back,” he said. “The draft Bill approved by the Cabinet has proved whatever we have been warning (that the government would make the law ineffective).” The government’s power of arrogance had prevailed, he said.

Mr. Bhushan said that the new Ordinance against rape prepared by the government was a letdown. It dropped many of the important suggestions made by the J.S. Verma committee. For instance, the police and military had been exempted, he said.

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