She is known as one of the boldest new gen English writers from India.

Yet, she looked nervous at the book reading session in her ‘fatherland’. And sitting in the vast backdrop of backwaters and sailing vessels, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan boldly disclosed that she would be nervous in such compulsive occasions.

Meenakashi Reddy Madhavan, daughter of the distinguished Malayalam writer and IAS officer N.S. Madhavan and journalist Sheela Reddy, was in the city as part of a promotional tour of her latest work ‘Cold Feet’ published by Penguin Books. Incidentally, it is in this city that N.S. Madhavan was born and bought up.

Earlier, Meenakshi invited her readers to the book reading session at the Penguin Store at Marine Drive, through her popular blog ‘The Compulsive Confessor’. “I’m excited about this, because my father says it’s one of the prettiest book stores ever,” she blogged recently.

In the interactive session that followed the book reading, Meenakshi said that ‘Cold Feet’ was developed from one of her short stories by the same name. Meenakshi says her passion is poetry. She got into writing naturally and was never influenced by her parents.

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