After the Earth Hour observed recently, it is going to be Earth Day, falling on April 22, which is set to gain attention in most cities across the world.

Over the years, the quality of life on earth has been mostly counted on material riches, but the reality has dawned on modern society that the utmost important aspect is the preservation of nature. Though the tools of technology have provided numerous opportunities for making life much more convenient and comfortable, the eventual analysis has proved that the results are not too appreciable, environmental activists say.

The increased utilisation of power is a cause for much concern even in smaller cities. Inadequate supply apart, the carbon produced in the conventional systems of power generation has given way to a new line of approach. Conservation of power has become a necessity. Novel ways to limit the consumption of power are being evolved.

A variety of issues such as recycling of waste material, sustainable development, protection of water resources and food habits need to be understood in proper perspective for a healthy life of all living beings on earth.

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