Professor Mercy Williams spent a large part of her life in St. Teresa’s College, first as a student and then as a professor of Sociology. Prof. Williams, Kochi’s first woman Mayor, believes that the college played a key role in shaping her personality.

“St. Teresa’s has done a lot to empower many generations of women. The college doesn’t focus only on academics. A lot of activities to encourage a student’s personality are encouraged in the college,” she says.

Prof. Williams first entered the college as a pre-degree student. When she topped the University in her M.A. Sociology, she was absorbed into the faculty. She says her experience in speaking competitions at college and the activities of the National Service Society (NSS) helped during her tenure as Mayor later.

The campus, however, has no room for political parties and affiliations. “Even K.R. Gowri Amma, who was a part of the State’s first Cabinet, was a student here. But the culture in the college is such that you do not feel the need for politics in the campus, ” says Prof. Williams.


A topper, just within the StateMarch 21, 2013

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