As many as 277 companies were registered in Ernakulam district between July and September this year. While 105 companies were registered in Thiruvananthapuram and 101 were registered in Thrissur.

A total of 13 public companies with a total authorised capital of Rs 52.34 crore and 729 private firms with a total authorised capital of Rs 130.33 crore were registered in the State during this period, K.G. Joseph Jackson, Registrar of Companies, Kerala and Lakshadweep, said.

Out of this, 47 are big companies with a total of authorised capital upwards of Rs 50 lakh. While 103 companies were registered for computer and related activities, manufacturing sector accounted for 96 companies. Eighty nine are chit companies, 66 in the field of construction, 61 in wholesale trade, 38 retail trade companies, 23 in agriculture farming and plantation and 17 real estate firms. Only six companies were registered for business in stock, shares and securities.

During the quarter, Rs 42,000 was imposed as fine by the court against companies and directors. Eight cases were filed for violation of various provisions of the Companies Act 1956. Sixty Eight companies were struck off; while one company was converted from public to private, a private company was converted into a public firm. Four companies were transferred from Kerala and three companies were transferred to the State.

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