The YSR Congress Party has criticised the remarks of TDP leaders on the meeting of Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy with Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Monday and alleged that they are trying to give an imaginative spin to the event.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, YSR Congress leader and MLA-elect K. Sridhar Reddy said with 48 per cent vote secured in the recent elections, their party would play a constructive role and would stand out as a model opposition party in the country.

He termed the TDP leaders’ remarks and reports in a section of the press on the Jagan-Modi meeting as absurd stating that attributing motives to the meeting, based on their imagination, was wrong since all the issues raised by them were subjudice and they did not come under the purview of the Prime Minster or the Union government.

The YSR Congress leader said the TDP was blowing out of proportion Mr. Jagan’s brief in-camera meeting with Mr. Modi and a section of media was tagging court cases to it. It was not only ridiculous but an insult to the judiciary, he observed.