The purported attack on two youngsters by unidentified persons with a blade near Nayapul reported a few weeks ago turned out to be a concocted story.

The duo -- Mohd. Azeem and Majeed Khan -- quarrelled over a petty matter and attacked one another but lodged a false complaint taking advantage of the communally tense atmosphere then, South Zone DCP Akun Sabharwal said on Friday. Azeem and Khan were arrested and remanded in judicial custody.

The two accused, along with their friend Shaik Jahangir, boarded a bus to reach Charminar on November 1. During the journey, Azeem teased Khan who picked up an argument with him. Shouting at one another, they got off at Nayapul. Jahangir too alighted.

Meanwhile, the other two continued to quarrel when Azeem attacked Jahangir with a blade. By the time the third one joined them, the duo cooked up a story of some miscreants attacking them after finding out their names.

The Mirchowk police registered a case of assault. After recording statements of several persons, including a security guard of an ATM centre, the investigators found that the blade attack story was false.

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