Infusion of young blood into politics seems to be the mantra in the forthcoming polls. With many political parties welcoming youngsters into their fold, campaigning seems to have gotten a boost. The task has been taken over by college-going students and young professionals who have taken a break from their studies or jobs just to render services.

Vineeth Reddy (22) is one among the many youngsters from the city who has begun campaigning for the Congress. He goes door-to-door to convince citizens to vote for the party. “I support the Congress because it is a political school and everyone from N. Chandrababu Naidu to Jaganmohan Reddy comes from it,” said the MBBS student, who will go to Khammam for campaigning.

And for some like Sibani Sahu (25) from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), corruption is where the line is drawn, which is why she became a full-time member of the party. Apart from undertaking door-to-door campaigning for the general elections, the software professional has donned the role of social media manager for her party.

“The Congress and BJP have criminals in their ranks, so we can’t expect them to make decisions for us. They have formed a cosy class,” she charged.

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is also a name that has drawn youngsters to the party. One of them is Beemuni Abhilash, who strongly believes that the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and BJP’s prime minister candidate, can solve all of India’s problems. “He has shown what he can do in his State and his people have elected him three times because of that,” said the 24-year-old, who is in-charge of the door-to-door campaign work for Padma Rao Nagar division here.

These youngsters claim not be “blindly” supporting a party but only after considering the stated positions of different parties on various contemporary issues. Vineeth went one step further to say that the manifestos of all political parties should be filed as affidavits. “They should not be allowed to rule if they break their promises,” he said.

Sibani, on the other hand, felt that politics is more about people taking decisions than politicians. “Why should they decide what kind of flyovers we need? The people for whose convenience they are built should decide that,” she avers.