K. Benna Vidyasagar used to replace original cards of unsuspecting customers

Police on Sunday arrested a youth for allegedly cheating gullible bank customers at ATM centres. An SBI ATM card and Rs.1 lakh cash were recovered from him.

K. Benna Vidyasagar (20) hailing from Guntur district would introduce himself as an ATM mechanic or security guard and gain confidence of senior citizens when they come to withdraw cash. Pretending to help them, he would collect PIN number from them and withdraw cash.

While handing over cash, he would replace the original card with a duplicate card available with him.

He would later visit another ATM centre and withdraw amount.

If the card limit exceeds for the day, he would approach other card holders saying that his mother is in hospital and he has to clear the bills.

“Since he had exceeded the withdrawal limit, he would try to convince cardholders to transfer the amount from stolen card to their account and withdraw money to maximum extent,” a police official said.

Inquiries revealed that Vidyasagar was involved in similar offences reported at Market, old Guntur and Tirupati East police station limits.

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