The author worked on a unique method of learning and memorising English vocabulary

“As was his language so was his life,” said Seneca, the great Roman Philosopher. Such is the power of language and it differentiates the learned from the best, and the rest. It becomes all the more important when the language is English and its importance rising in the globalised world.

Word Power to Mind Power – the book authored by ACB Director General, B. Prasada Rao and released by Deputy Chief Minister, Damodar Rajanarsimha, is a reflection of how important English language skills are and how communicating in the global language will pay rich dividends to people irrespective of profession. “These skills infuse immense confidence and confidence is the key to success,” said Mr. Rajanarasimha.

Appreciating the book, the Deputy Chief Minister recalled how he improved his vocabulary skills reading G.K. Reddy’s articles in ‘The Hindu’, noting down difficult words and preparing notes to understand the context. “I passed on the same to my sister for enriching her vocabulary skills,” he said.

The author worked on a unique method of learning and memorising English vocabulary applying visualisation and contextualisation. Mr. Prasada Rao said these two processes helped in memorising new words. He said that it was a rarely exploited concept and was born out of his desire to learn the language. He focussed on the letter “C” and used words starting with “C” in various contexts to explain his concept. About 625 words starting with “C” are incorporated in a story woven around a girl’s college experiences. Mr. Rao says the words can be easily recalled and their meanings understood if the story is recalled visually rather than through reading.

JNTU H Vice Chancellor Rameshwar Rao, JNTU Kakinada Vice Chancellor Tulasiram Das, OU Vice Chancellor S. Satyanarayana, Kakatiya University Vice Chancellor B. Venkata Rathnam, Addl DGP Aruna Bahuguna and APSRTC MD A.K. Khan appreciated Mr. Rao’s enthusiasm to write books. The book is published by Power Publishers and priced at Rs. 270.

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