A 32-year-old pregnant woman died at Gandhi Hospital on Tuesday night following complications that developed after she tested positive for swine flu. This is the fourth swine flu related death between January and March to be reported by health authorities in the capital.

Also a diabetic

According to the hospital authorities, the pregnant woman, who was also a diabetic, was brought to the hospital in a critical condition. The doctors maintained that they had little time to revive the patient whose condition deteriorated quickly.

The woman who was from Hyderabad died of acute lung infection also known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, doctors said.

The number of cases that have tested positive for swine flu so far in Hyderabad between January and March is 45.

In the last month alone, the city witnessed close to 25 cases indicating a spurt in such cases.

Meanwhile, authorities maintained that there was no need for the general public to panic.

“Pregnant women, children and elders with kidney, chest and heart ailments are traditionally susceptible. Immunity levels of such persons are always low and they fall prey to H1N1 virus.

Basic precautions like maintaining cough etiquette are mandatory,” swine flu co-ordinator Dr. K. Subhakar said.