The whine of tiny engines on robots of different shapes fills the air as one enters the room. Students from Classes 6 to 10 are seen busy writing programs, trying to make the robots move the way they want to.

That’s the scene at the laboratory of city-based Jay Robotix. With its products RoboRuka and RoboGuru, the robotics company is helping students use standard programming logic to make robots perform all they want.

“Robots can be in any design, shape or size – the most important part is the motherboard that has the controller. Using a computer to program the logic onto the motherboard is what it is all about. We have now tied up with four schools, beginning with the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Chelakurthi Camp, Nalgonda,” says Jay Robotix managing director P. Sudhir Reddy.

From being a start-up in 2010, Jay Robotix has expanded its presence in sectors like education, entertainment, industrial and defence too.

“We give students the facility of having hands-on experience to prove that their program logic, which is keyed into their computer screens, is correct. If it is not so, how do you rectify it,” he says.

In the past year, Jay Robotix claims to have trained 1,500 students in operating robots and develop programming skills. This helps them grow strong in basic logic, prepares them to take career decisions as also their focus if they take up engineering, Mr. Reddy says.

Going forward, he wishes to engage with more Government schools, while talks are on with some engineering colleges to set up robotics labs.

“This is one step more than the audio-video teaching methodology adopted in smart schools. We are sure this is the ultimate practicals,” Mr. Reddy says.

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