With proposals for 8 stations hanging fire, police have no option but to create outposts to tackle rising crime

With the government yet to agree on carving out eight more law and order police stations in Cyberabad, the police top brass is planning two new outposts at Jawaharnagar and Gachibowli to ease the burden on the local police there.

“The proposed police stations are very important, but we have no option but to go for outposts immediately at these two places to tackle crime,” Cyberabad Commissioner C.V. Anand said.

Apparently issues regarding identification and allocation of sufficient land, and even buildings, for the proposed police stations have delayed the government’s consent. But with government land available at Jawaharnagar and Gachibowli in the areas of Alwal and Madhapur police stations respectively, it was decided to create the outposts.

Distance deters

The current geographical area under the Alwal police station is rather huge and patrolling, let alone focussing on prevention of crime, has become a tough task for local police. A policeman has to travel at least seven kilometres from Alwal to reach Jawaharnagar to conduct any inquiry, he pointed out.

The area is also replete with land disputes.

“Nearly 5,000 acres of government and private land has been encroached upon here. This has triggered massive litigation,” Mr. Anand explained.

Gachibowli, on the other hand, houses offices of multinational companies and comes under the Madhapur police station, its limits extending from Kavuri Hills to Kondapur.

More often than not, the distance deters the Madhapur Station House Officer from physically examining a crime scene at Kondapur.

The proposal

Cyberabad police have proposed that a new Gachibowli police station can be created by including the areas of Raidurg, Chandanagar and the Madhapur police stations as it would help focus on white collar offences and routine crime reported in Gachibowli.

On the ground

Police have identified over two acres of government land in Jawaharnagar and even got a temporary compound wall built around it, after seeking permission from revenue officials.

Mr. Anand had also laid the foundation stone for an outpost there. Government land has been acquired at Gachibowli too.

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