What happens when a 13-year-old boy memorises 132 digits in just one minute? Well! He will leave many awestruck and also create a record. This is what happened here on Sunday, when Nischal Narayanam attempted a Guinness world record for ‘Longest number sequence memorised in one minute’.

After undergoing three months training with Squadron Leader Jayasimha, Nischal attempted the record.


Rules for the record were that the sequence of whole numbers had to be memorised randomly generated by a computer. Only one attempt is to be made to recall each digit and they must be recalled in the correct order and any error nullifies the attempt. The record is held by a 35 year-old Indonesian, Dominique O Brien, for memorising 76 digits in one minute. When Chief Minister K. Rosaiah asked Nischal as to how many numbers he would memorise for breaking the record, he replied 132 numbers, leaving many in the hall gaping. All the 132 digits, in the sequence of zeroes and ones were flashed on a giant screen enabling Nischal memorise them. After the timekeeper clicked one minute, the screen went blank and all the eyes were focused on him.

Staying calm, he took a deep breath and recalled all the numbers in the same order as flashed on the screen.

As he spelt out the numbers, they appeared on the giant screen, enabling the jury to check the sequence of the order.

The jury was headed by Chief Minister Mr. Rosaiah and with Chief Electoral Officer I.V. Subba Rao, Additional DGP (L&O) A.K. Khan as other members. They confirmed the sequence of numbers recalled and testified that a new record was set, to all round applause. Video footage of the event would be sent to Guinness World Records Limited for official confirmation which would take 10 days, said Mr. Jayasimha.

Mr. Rosaiah praised Nishcal for his record-breaking feat and complimented his parents for their support and nurturing the talent. “If you have will power and concentrate on things you do then you will achieve any task,” said Nischal, with a smile.

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