People found flinging waste into Hussainsagar

While officialdom is often blamed for toxic waste being dumped in the Hussainsagar, do Hyderabad’s citizenry take care of the city's most famous lake?

All through the day, several people fling gunny bags or polythene covers, mostly containing puja material, into the lake.

HMDA initiative

This, despite the presence of four puja material collection spots set up by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) along the lake’s shores.

Set up in June, the collection centres proved immensely useful during the Ganesh festivities.

Many, however, continue to throw plastic covers into water body.

“I did not know there was a place to collect these things. Maybe next time,” says a sheepish 27-year-old P. Raju, who was caught in the act.

Need for awareness

Such instances do take place and it will stop only when people realise how much harm they are causing to the lake, says HMDA Member (Environment) R. P. Khajuria.

Even signboards that clearly state the imposition of fines for flinging garbage have failed to deter the wrongdoers.

“There are many using our counters pujabut there are some who seem to be incorrigible,” Mr. Khajuria said, adding that the HMDA has roped in NCC cadets to educate the general public about using the collection centres.

Worse, waste is being dumped in polythene bags, making cleaning very hard for HMDA’s workers.

“Because the dissolved oxygen content is almost nil in the Hussainsagar, even a flower does not dissolve in it easily, leave alone the polythene bags,” pointed out Mr. Khajuria.

Collection centres

The four puja collection centres are situated at Necklace Road, Tank Bund, near Sanjeevaiah Park Park, and another near the Indira Gandhi statue at Imax circle.

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