Though the City Light Hotel worker was not found among the dead, he has gone missing. Curiously, his mobile has been found to be operating every now and then

The mystery behind the disappearance of City Light Hotel and Bakery worker Ashok Kamble seems to be finally unravelling. The 40-year-old was not among the survivors of the building collapse, and his family, too, had made it clear that none of the three unidentified bodies had any semblance to him.

All this made his disappearance quite intriguing. Kamble’s wife Meera had earlier told police that he could not be reached on his mobile after the incident on Monday morning. Meera, along with her family members, rushed to the site and waited there for the next 48 hours dying to see her husband.

Till the last load of debris and bricks was removed from the site, police closely searched every inch of the place. Since Kamble could not be traced, a case of missing person was registered.

But, a ray of hope emerged when the Mahankali police on Thursday found that his mobile phone was being used in the area of Nellikuduru of Mahboobabad in Warangal district. Investigators who tracked his number found that it was being operated now and then.

An examination of his mobile service provider tower location hinted that the phone was somewhere near Nellikuduru.

“We cannot rule out the possibility of someone taking away his phone and using it. We’re trying to confirm if Ashok was actually present inside the hotel when the building caved in by speaking to the injured and the hotel owner,” Mahankali ACP N. Mahender said.

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