Motorists face a bumpy ride due to potholes formed on roads, thanks to H-TRIMS installation process

With the installation process of the new signalling system, the Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System (H-TRIMS), gathering steam, blue poles have become a common sight on city roads.

However, motorists are facing a bumpy ride due to potholes which have formed on roads, thanks to the H-TRIMS installation process.

For installing H-TRIMS, contractors have to cut roads and lay cables connecting poles and further to the main grid. Road cutting is already over at more than 100 junctions, and the process will be taken up at other places soon.

But the failure to recarpet the road properly at most junctions has resulted in uneven patches in the middle of roads, causing severe inconvenience to motorists and reducing traffic speed.

“City roads are already in a bad shape, and road cutting work is making the situation worse. Authorities should ensure that roads are re-laid properly after completion of work as traffic speed and our safety depend on the condition of roads,” Ch. Shekar, a motorist, said.

As the road cutting work progresses towards other junctions, most motorists will be caught unawares if they are not carpeted properly, he added.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) C.V. Anand said that the recarpeting of roads was being taken up by the GHMC.

“The initial filling up of the gap will be done by the contractor, but recarpeting of roads is taken up by the municipal authorities. We, along with all departments concerned, are reviewing the situation daily, and all pertinent issues will be cleared as we come across them,” he said.

The new signalling system is already in place at 29 junctions, and the rest of the junctions will be covered soon, the official said.

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