When it comes to road markings in the capital, confusion scores over clarity, with many intersections having no stop line markings at all. At other places, the markings are either faded or have disappeared altogether. Strangely, some busy crossroads have two or more stop lines overlapping one another, confusing the drivers.

“When officials increase signal light jumping fine from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,000, why cannot they ensure proper road markings?” asks Shekhar Rao of Nagole. Commuters feel the authorities “are hell-bent on squeezing them by enhancing fine amounts.”

“How is the imposition of fines justified when no stop lines are clearly marked?” asks, Satyanarayana, a shop owner. If the vehicle moves past the stop line and goes further when the signal light turns red, it is construed as signal light jumping.

This is quite visible at Secunderabad Club where vehicles going from the Karkhana side to Jubilee Bus Stand frequently get stuck as the stretch is narrow. Vehicles going towards Lamba theatre stop on the red signal and even as they slowly trudge on the green signal, the red comes again. With no road markings, most often drivers find themselves in the danger zone.

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