Bifurcation of the State might cause division of assets, employees and finances. But the inherent feeling of love and compassion remains intact among people of both the regions. This is borne out by the instant help rendered by an NGO of Telangana to a man in distress from Seemandhra.

For the last one month, Brahmananda Reddy, a private bus conductor from Proddatur, was lying in the Osmania General Hospital awaiting surgery for the broken implant in his hip. But there was none to bear the high cost of treatment. An amount of Rs. 10,000 borrowed by him when he left home with his wife was also running out and Mr. Reddy didn’t know how to fend for himself.

Three years ago he had undergone total hip replacement when diagnosed with ‘Avascular Necrosis’ of hip joints, a condition in which the head of the femur collapses. He was referred to the OGH where the orthopaedic surgeon, Srinivas Reddy, operated him. At that time the cost of implant was covered by the State Illness Fund.

Mr. Reddy recovered fully and was doing fine when a month ago he tumbled down the stairs leading to the implant in the hip getting broken and displaced. In an extremely painful condition he landed up in OGH once again.

But to his shock he learnt that he couldn’t avail himself of free treatment under the State Illness Fund for the second time. With his meagre earnings, Reddy couldn’t think of raising money for the implant.

Luckily someone informed Dr. Reddy about the financial assistance rendered by Hyderabad-based Helping Hand Foundation (HHF). Loosing no time, Dr. Reddy contacted the HHF president, Mujtaba Askari.

“We did our verification and arranged ceramic implant from Johnson & Johnson costing Rs. 1.10 lakh. The implant was arranged the next day and the patient was operated the second time. The displaced implant was removed and a new one implanted”, said Mr. Askari.

Mr. Reddy was twice unlucky. But on both occasions dame luck came to his rescue. The timely intervention of HHF has given him a new lease of life.

Mr. Reddy has reason to be doubly happy since the money borrowed by him is also cleared by the HHF so that he can go back relieved.