It is still winter, but most residents of Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) are already experiencing the troubles of summer, when it comes to fetching drinking water.

People residing in Balamrai, Nandamurinagar, Diamond Point, parts of Bolarum and other localities are supplied water once in three days. And at times, when a pipeline gets blocked or a valve develops snags, water is supplied once in five days.

Pipeline projects

While those residing in the slums are supplied water free through SCB tankers others have to pay about Rs. 350 per tanker. On an average, SCB requires 40 lakh gallons of water to ensure regular supply every alternate day. But HMWSSB supplies 30 lakh gallons through six pumphouses in the Cantonment, says a senior SCB official.

To overcome the short supply, the SCB in association with HMWSSB launched two pipeline projects – Mahendra Hills to Karkhana and Alwal to Bolarum way back in 2009 investing about Rs. 20 crore.

A majority of the pipeline laying works in Mahendra Hills to Karkhana project have been completed, except for a patch of work near AOC junction. Similarly, the Alwal – Bolarum project is also completed but supplies are yet to commence, he explains.

In fact, HMWSSB had conducted some trial tests and they were satisfied with the results as well. But the reasons over the delay in commencing the water supply through these projects are not known. Several requests were made to HMWSSB authorities, hope things improve before summer arrives, he adds.

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