With the mercury gradually on the rise, and set to touch 40 degree Celsius soon, it's that season of sunstrokes again

The mercury is rising fast in Hyderabad.

And the need to take precautions from sunstrokes, which have started to get reported in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals, has never been felt more than now.

While the health authorities and senior doctors have appealed to the public to avoid venturing out in the afternoon (between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.) during when the mercury would be at its peak, the Met officials have forecast that the temperatures would be touching 40 degree Celsius soon.

High risk groups

Physicians maintain that the main reason for heat strokes is the abnormal rise in body temperatures during hot weather. Doctors warn that high risk groups, including children, elderly and pregnant women, besides labourers, who work during afternoon, are more prone to heat strokes.

“In extreme hot conditions, body loses its ability to dissipate the heat and this leads to rise in body temperatures. Heat strokes are also caused due to dehydration when the body does not sweat quickly and dissipate heat, leading to rise in body temperatures and heat stroke,” says Dr. B. Balraju, former Superintendent, Gandhi Hospital.


The common symptoms of sunstroke are breathlessness, vomiting, fatigue, headache, muscle cramps and aches, high body temperature and dizziness.

“It’s better to avoid consuming food and liquids that are sold on the roadside. Public should carry a bottle of water when they travel,” he suggests.

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