A milch cow owing to the huge donations it receives, the Anisul Ghurba orphanage has received a spate of complaints on pilferage of rations and funds over the years.

The latest mismanagement, which came to light following an inspection by Wakf Chairman Syed Ghulam Afzal Biabani, has prompted the Board to effect a reshuffle of its staff.

Set up in 1921 by Mir Khaja Badaruddin Chisti, the management of the orphanage was handed over to the Endowment Department after independence. In 2009, it was handed over to the State Wakf Board.

At present, around 75 children, including 45 girls, are housed at the orphanage, and admitted to the Rosedale Convent School at Asifnagar. The orphanage grants entry to children with a single parent or no parents. About 25 people have been working for the last many years in shifts and draw monthly salaries.

Huge funds

The orphanage receives about Rs. 1 lakh in cash donations every month. A few make donations in kind by donating rice and mutton, while sheep and goats are also donated to the institution as charity. These increase several fold during Ramzan.

Philanthropists have also donated property to be utilised for the purpose. The orphanage has also fixed deposits of Rs. 2 crore and the accrued interest is used to meet expenditure.

Big plans in the offing

Its properties include 30 mulgis at Bazaar Guard, five near Nampally railway station and a building on 100 square yards of land at Gunfoundry.

The State Wakf Board has big plans for the orphanage.

It plans to construct a new building for it at Bazaar Guard after evicting tenants, some of whom have not paid up for the last one decade. The rooms would be spacious and all facilities would be provided. This became necessary as the present premises at Nampally would be demolished in the road widening, Wakf Chairman Biabani said.

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