At an age when kids find it hard to even fill up their school application forms, a 13- year old has developed a web application that ensures privacy in information exchange and keeps the potential hackers away.

Bandi Jai Krishna, an 8th class student from Narayana IIT Academy in Vishakapatnam presented his app “Text Zip” to a team of Microsoft and floored them with his idea and confidence in dealing with software tools. Created on windows platform and written in html 5 language, the App ensures that the information exchanged between two individuals cannot be accessed by a third person and the potential hackers.

“It will be extremely useful for business houses where secrecy of business plans and financial issues is crucial,” Jai told The Hindu. It will be in the stores within a month to be downloaded free of cost. Joseph Landes, General Manager, DPE-Microsoft, India said the creation was amazing given his age and access to software.

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