The software professional from Kerala drew the attention of the city police to a profile on a social networking website, which he claimed was that of a terror suspect

Vivek Ponnulliyil alias Vicky had enough tricks up his sleeve to convince the police of his abilities to track emails of terror operatives.

Arrested by the police for having led them on a wild goose chase with claims of possessing information on imminent attacks on the city, Vicky had identified the social media profile of a person, whom he described as a terror suspect.

The software professional from Kerala told the police that tracking the emails of the person would give them some leads into the operations of terror outfits.

“It could be a coincidence but the facial features of that person closely resemble that of a terror suspect,” a police officer said.

A considerable number of the emails, which Vicky claimed belonged to members of sleeper cells, were not in use for long. Being a computer professional, he was familiar with the creation of email IDs and the software used for tracking emails.

Master conman

The accused used to try and impress visitors to his office-cum-residency in Yapral by making it look like an IT company laboratory. He had installed over 10 computers in the office and a giant LED screen.

The Hyderabad Cyber Crime officials are planning to move a local court seeking his custody. “We need to verify his claims that his head office was based in Delhi. His version that he had earlier helped Meghalaya government in terror-related cases too needs to be ascertained,” they said.

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