Made on a modest budget, the simple love story has Avika Gor and Raj Tarun in the lead

The industry termed it a ‘low-budget film’, but there in no way it can be treated any less than a big-budget movie with big stars and directors.

This is what the talk of the town about ‘Uyyala Jampala’ produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna, D. Suresh Babu and P. Rammohan, on the Sunshine Cinemas banner. The film has attracted attention for more than one reason much before it hit the screens on Christmas.

Families make a beeline

Interestingly, the makers ensured that it was screened on Christmas, a holiday and the experiment worked, considering that it had competed with the likes of Aamir Khan-starrer Dhoom 3. The strategy appeared to have worked and as the day progressed, the word-of-mouth helped to attract families make a beeline to the multiplexes in urban localities.

The trio - Nagarjuna, Rammohan and Suresh Babu - are pleased that such an experiment, of coming together for what is described as an uncomplicated love story has worked well.

“Suresh is a good friend for years now and when I narrated the story to him, he wanted me to tell it to Nagarjuna too. From the word ‘go’ in the very first sitting, we had no problems and the result is there for people to see,” said Rammohan.

Happy audience

“It is like a breath of fresh air, a film made out of passion. We would not like to categorise it as a low-budget or a small film for the simple reason that all of us put in equal effort to make ‘UY’ as we would for a much bigger production.

“We are happy to see the audiences walking out of the theatres with a smile on their faces,” said Nagarjuna and Suresh Babu.

Apart from the debutant director Virinchi Varma, who has some short films to his credit, most of the cast are also first-timers. Cinematography was handled by Vishwa D.B., while it was clipped to near perfection by editor Marthand K. Venkatesh.

Made on a modest budget against the backdrop of a village, the simple love story has newcomers - Avika Gor (of ‘Chinnari Pellikoturu’ fame) and Raj Tarun in the lead, supported by Punarnavi and Peela Gangadhar.

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