UPSC not to give separate answer papers from this year

Civil Service aspirants will have to concise their answers as the UPSC has decided not to give separate answer papers from this year.

Aspirants have to write within the space provided underneath the question in the same booklet.

A consolidated ‘Question paper and Answer book’ will have a pre-designated space for every question and any attempt outside the pre-defined space will not be evaluated.

Aspirants were informed through recently released note on the changes being brought for the Main examination.

It will be a major change from the conventional type of essay writing and questions are likely to be a medley of questions, demanding answers in 25, 50, 75 and150 words.

“Aspirants will have to be precise and concise which would require practice. This would benefit students from pure sciences as command over the language will not be a prerequisite as far as General Studies is concerned,” says V. Gopalakrishna of Brain Tree.

Surprise element

The question- answer book will also have to be returned after the examination which would increase the surprise element at the successive examinations, he says.

“The changes also benefit aspirants from the regional media as they can now appear for the written examination in English and at the interview in their mother tongue, ” says Gopalakrishna

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