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The Sabari Express (Train no: 17229/17230) which runs between Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad is the only daily train for Keralites to commute between the two States. However, the quotas fixed on this train for its inward and onward journey seems to be inappropriate.

The Sabari Express (17299) from Kerala to Hyderabad has got a quota of 17 berths in II Tier AC and 49 berths in III Tier AC from Thrissur/Shoranur and Palakkad, whereas The Sabari Express (17230) from Hyderabad has got a mere four berths in II Tier AC and III Tier AC put together to these stations, leaving the first passenger in queue for reservation from Hyderabad with only four confirmed berths, and the remaining in the waiting list.

It leaves the passenger with only two options - either book a ticket for a farther destination, or go for a ‘Tatkal’ ticket by coughing up more money. I request the railway authorities to look into this problem and ensure the quotas are fixed for these stations for both journeys.

Ramachandran V.N.


Powerless Ugadi

Ugadi is the most important festival for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Power cut schedules were implemented on this day too, which spoilt the mood of the festival, and disappointed us all. Families would be busy in the morning hours preparing food, sweets and other festival items and without the electrical appliances how does one expect to cook? I request the APCPDCL authorities to at least spare us on such occasions.

V. Vishwanath

Srinagar Colony

Suburb Stench

For a long time, all the vehicular traffic coming from Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital and going to Mehdipatnam and beyond towards West is forced to skip the Mehdipatnam junction. Between Himalaya Book Store and the junction, one cannot escape an ugly sight of garbage dumped on the roadside, emitting the foulest smell throughout the year. Mehdipatnam is an important and busy landmark and such unhygienic conditions are a severe blot on the efficacy of the sanitary wing of the GHMC. It is earnestly requested that such eye-sores are eradicated forthwith.

Seshagiri Row Karry


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