Once LPG and CNG details are included in the registration certificate book, authorities can check valve and tank numbers in the database and take action in case of mismatch or tampering

The Transport Department is planning to include LPG and CNG kit details, including valve and tank numbers, in the registration certificate book to curb the use of unauthorised gas kits in vehicles. At present, only the type of gas kit – LPG or CNG – is included in the certificate book.

Once the additional details are included in the registration certificate book, the authorities can check valve and tank numbers in the database and take action in case of mismatch or tampering, says a senior Transport Department official.

Further, there are efforts to introduce mandatory inspection of all non-transport vehicles once in a year. Though there is no such provision in the A.P. Motor Vehicles Act, it can be helpful if the government approves such moves, he adds.

Of late, fire mishaps in cars on the move have been reported, the latest incident being a businessman getting burnt alive after fire erupted in his car on the P.V.N. Expressway on Friday.

There are nearly 60,000 autorickshaws that use LPG and CNG kits and about 10,000 cars that run on LPG or CNG kits in the city. Many prefer unauthorised or spurious LPG and CNG gas kits and spares in their vehicles, unmindful of the dangers involved.

Authorised dealers charge nearly Rs. 18,000 for a branded LPG or CNG kit, and the price varies marginally depending on the car and its model. On the other hand, unauthorised kits come at Rs. 12,000.

Vehicle owners are expected to inform the Transport Department about the installation of gas kits and obtain a certificate, but except for autorickshaws, not many personal vehicle owners follow the procedure thanks to poor monitoring by the department.

A gas kit comprises three key components including tank, vaporiser and valve. Majority of unauthorised dealers bring these components from other States and assemble them here, without issuing necessary documents to vehicle owners. This is where price differs, says an auto union member.

On the other hand, the Transport Department authorities claim there are about 50 approved dealers in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts, and the possibility of using spurious kit is minimal.

Each gas kit comes with unique numbers for valve, tank and vaporiser, and a vehicle inspector checks them before they are certified, says the official.

Also, they are verified while issuing fitness certificates for vehicles such as autorickshaws even as the procedure is not applicable for personal vehicles as they do not need fitness certificates, he explains.

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