The duo was filling gas in it when the mishap occurred

Two youngsters working in a refrigerator-cum-air conditioner repair centre were killed after the fridge, in which they were filling gas, blew up at Zebabagh in Asifnagar on Tuesday. Yasin (21) of Langerhouz and Rizwan (24) of Tappachabutra, were filling gas in the pipe of a fridge under repair when the explosion occurred around 4.45 p.m., Asifnagar Inspector J. Narsaiah said.

Precise reasons behind the blast are not yet known but investigators believe excess gas filled in the pipe resulted in the explosion.

Such was the impact of the blast that fridge was broken into smithereens. The ceiling fan at the repair centre and window panes were shattered to pieces. Hit by splinters, the two youngsters suffered critical bleeding wounds.

They ran till the main gate of the centre in pain before collapsing. They died even as residents of the area called in an ambulance.

A case of rash and negligent act resulting in death was registered against the centre owner, Fayaz, who was operating it for the past few years.

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