An 11-year-old girl, Nisha, and her brother Rajan, 9, who were missing, having stepped out of their house to see Sri Ramanavami procession in Mailardevpally the previous day, were traced on Saturday in the same locality.

Police heaved a sigh of relief after the two children were traced as many believed that they were abducted.

The kidnap of a four-year-old boy Santosh Kumar on the way to school from adjacent Shamshabad police station area also triggered fears that these two children could have been abducted.

While police are still clueless about Kumar’s abduction, the two missing children were found moving in the area by Saturday evening. Mailardevpally Inspector B. Ramesh said the two siblings went to a temple near their house in Ganeshnagar of Katedan on Friday afternoon to watch a religious programme followed by a procession.

As the procession continued through different routes in the locality, the two children followed it till 7 p.m.

“Worried of being scolded by parents for returning home late, they went atop an apartment building 500 yards away from home and slept there,” the Inspector said.

After waking up on Saturday morning, they started roaming around in the streets of the locality instead of going home haunted by fear of getting reprimanded by parents. Meanwhile, their parents, Pankaj Bhushan and Madhuri on Friday night approached the police who registered a missing case and launched a massive hunt for them.

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