Amit Samarth, Sunil Menon and Richard McDowell are all set to take part in the ‘Iron Man’ Zurich event to be held in July

The sheer passion to stay fit and compete in different runs will see two Hyderabadis – Amit Samarth and Sunil Menon – walk in the demanding ‘Iron Man’ Zurich event for the first time. The event, which will be held in July, has 3.8-km swimming in a lake, 180-km cycling and a full marathon.

Since there is no official federation to send entries, Hyderabad Runners, a non-profitable organisation, has become the channel for the duo to realise their dream.

Samarth, an MD in Community Medicine, and Sunil, who works with Microsoft, will be joined by Richard McDowell, a foreigner, who has made the city his second home, for the event which they believe is the ultimate challenge.

Now, who funds the trip? “It is a mix and match approach by the participants and the Hyderabad Runners. It is the passion to do something special that is the biggest driving force,” says Rajesh Vetcha, Hyderabad Runners founder.

“It is an adventure sport. It is not just about competing and dreaming big. It is also about knowing the different world of marathons,” says Amit (32). “We believe that the desire to keep fit (they cycle for about 400 km every week) instils a lot of discipline in many aspects of life,” argues Richard McDowell.

“The fact that we enjoy being on the roads despite our hectic schedule throughout the week also gives us that great feeling of being there with some of the best in the business,” says Sunil, who had participated in marathons across Asia earlier.

“The Zurich race has been won by people who train for years beforehand.

“We will get to know what it takes to win it as it requires a different kind of mental and physical make-up.

“At least, we will have enough experience for the next round,” chorus the trio.

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