Lodges false complaint of his bus being stolen so as to claim vehicle insurance to offset losses in business

A travel operator’s attempt to claim vehicle insurance and avoid payments to the financier by lodging a false complaint of his bus being stolen boomeranged when the police arrested him along with five others on Friday.

The prime accused, Md. Ibrahim, owner of Sameer Travels located in Shamsheergunj in the Old City, ran into losses. To compensate the losses, he devised a plan of faking a bus theft.

He approached the Chandrayangutta police in October 2013 stating that a Tata bus of his company was stolen by unidentified persons.

“He got the bus dismantled into pieces using gas cutters. The seats and body parts were sold to different persons,” Central Crime Station DCP G. Palaraju said at a press conference.

The case was transferred to the CCS from Chandrayangutta police station. Ibrahim continued to persuade the police to trace his bus as he required a final report from them about the bus not being traced to claim insurance amount.

On a tip-off, the CCS sleuths grilled Ibrahim and his associates and he confessed to having lodged a false complaint. After dismantling the bus, even the engine was sold to a mechanic to be refurbished and sold as power generator machine, police said.

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