Twenty ongoing projects to be completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 110 crore

Tourists preferring to spend some time in Nature’s lap, away from hectic work schedules, will find themselves woken up by the chirping of birds early in the morning in the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary nestling in the dense forests of Jinnaram in Adilabad. Very soon, a tiger safari will be made available to them, to see the jungle cats in their natural environment.

More so, tourists can choose to spend a night in the middle of the lake at Laknavaram or on the banks of the Ramappa Lake in Warangal. Else, they could drive a 100 km from the State capital to Vikarabad where the Valley View Resort has 32 air-conditioned rooms, a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Another option available is living king style, in rooms atop the Medak Fort about 70 km away.

These are among the 20 ongoing tourism projects, at an estimated Rs. 110 crore with Central financial assistance, that the Telangana government is keen on completing and throwing open for tourists.

They primarily include augmentation of infrastructure and services at hotels, resorts with intent to promote tourism, showcasing the distinct culture and tradition of Telangana.

Many of these locations already offer tourists a getaway with projects that are already running.

Special packages

“Many facilities nestle in the lap of nature and some have the power to take tourists back in history. We are leaving no stone unturned to augment facilities at our hotels and resorts while expediting the new projects being taken up with Central funds. We are designing special packages for weekend tourism, aimed at specific sections of society. We have a large section of techies who prefer weekend getaways,” said Joint Managing Director of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (Telangana division), Sumeet Singh.

Very soon, he said they would announce special weekend packages that can also be customised for specific needs of tourists.

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