Political Joint Action Committee of Telangana led by its chairman Kodandaram, on Sunday held preliminary discussions with the Manifesto committee of Telangana Pradesh Congress committee.

The Manifesto committee chairman, D. Sridhar Babu, and co-chairman Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka interacted with the team to elicit their views on issues to be included in the manifesto. Prof. Kodandaram told the panel that the political JAC would prepare its manifesto in a day or two.

However, they told the manifesto committee that the Congress should include the construction of martyr’s memorial in every district and assistance to families in the form of pension or employment as some of the issues. They also wanted the Congress to incorporate the issue of withdrawal of cases against employees during the strike and against those who were booked for protesting on railway tracks. They wanted the party to focus on the social justice plank.

Mr. Sridhar Babu said the manifesto would be the vision document for the development of a new State. They would continue consultations with other sections on Monday also.

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