Several areas in the city experience unannounced blackouts of varying durations

The three-hour power cut routine announced by the Central discom is back in the city, more than two weeks after it had been initially proposed.

Several areas in the city experienced power cuts, though of varying durations on Tuesday. While not adhering to the original schedules, the company has effectively enforced three hours of blackouts in many areas.

However, keeping in view the ongoing Intermediate Public Examinations, the discom has adjusted the schedules so that the exam centres did not suffer blackouts. Till the exams are over, there will be no scheduled power cuts between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m., in areas where the exam centres are located, officials informed.

It was announced in the beginning of the month that power cuts would be enforced in two spells of one-and-a-half hour each. Schedules for each sub-station were also made public through news media.

However, rains and hailstorm immediately following the announcement cooled down the city climate, even while drastically bringing down the agricultural power consumption.

“Temperatures have been scaling up during the last one week, and so is the power consumption for coolers and air-conditioners. We are short of about 500 Megawatts of power, after imposing industrial power holidays. Hence, the resumption of domestic power cuts,” informed a senior official from the company.

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