The art form makes its second successive appearance at the annual festival of BITS Hyderabad

Those who walked on the floating rocks carefully avoided falling into the deep pit, while a few others carelessly jumped and danced. The girls held each other closely, even as others looked at them amused.

Neither was the pit real nor were the rocks floating.

The 3D art at the Birla Institute of Technological Sciences (BITS) Hyderabad campus, part of the four-day student festival ‘Pearl 13’, made visitors feel as though they were walking on floating slabs.

“3D Art or 3D Street Art is an emerging form and being engineering students, we chose the medium to give shape to our ideas,” said Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Student Coordinator. In fact, last year too 3D images of a Rubik’s cube, a pit and the earth received appreciation from visiting students.

The effort came to fruition with third-year student Jaideep Singh and his friends wanting something refreshing for the festival. He was helped by friends Varun Yellina and Yagya Singh, while Bommineni Vivekananda and Vivek Kannan, faculty from the Department of Arts and Decoration, made significant contributions. Sarthak Ghosh, Shivangi Nath, Srinikita Reddy, Shubhi Agarwal, Ria Agarwal, Mukheet and Varun Sanghvi were also part of the team.

“Engineers are basically creative and this was one opportunity for us to demonstrate different thinking,” says the team, which swears by team work.