The Commissioner's Task Force (North) team on Tuesday arrested three persons who were allegedly luring gullible persons to earn money by circulating fake currency notes.

An amount of Rs. 80,000 and three mobile phones were seized from the arrested, B. Nagaraju, 33, Parasuram, 24 and Raza Bakshiyar, 25, all hailing from Karnataka. According to the TF Inspector, L. Raja Venkat Reddy, the accused persons would persuade individuals to make money by circulating fake currency notes.

Modus operandi

They would give some genuine currency notes to the persons claiming they were fake notes prepared by them with a special chemical process. “The notes would be accepted in shops since they were genuine. Unaware of this, people would tend to believe that the accused had prepared fake currency notes which looked exactly like original ones,” the Inspector said.

After winning the confidence of the victims in this way, the accused would collect money from them assuring to provide fake notes in a 1:3 ratio. They would give black papers cut to the size of currency notes and ask the victims to dip the papers in the chemical solution provided by them.

The black papers naturally would not change into fake currency notes and the accused would disappear with the money they had collected from the victims, the police said.

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