It was the morning alarm in his mobile phone that saved the life of a passenger in the luxury bus that caught fire in Mahbubnagar two days ago, killing 45 persons.

Hafeez set the alarm at 5 a.m. so that he could wake up for the morning prayer. “His mobile phone alarm rang and near simultaneously the bus also caught fire. He rose before the blaze engulfed the bus and jumped out. Since he was at seat No. 1, he could escape easily. The panicked passenger reportedly fled the spot, the police said.

Police on Thursday recovered a mangalasutra made of gold, a cross made of gold and six gold rings from the burnt bus.

Silver articles weighing nearly 12 kilos and another ingot of sliver weighing a kilo were also recovered from the spot. Blood samples of 41 members of the families of the victims were collected on Thursday for DNA profiling.

The blood sample of another person hailing from Rajasthan would be collected on Friday.

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