The kababs have been given historic names to redefine the great hospitality of Hyderabad, says M.A. Basith

You have seen the historic Charminar. But have you ever relished the Kabab-e-Charminar? One sure has set eyes on the Golconda fort. But none ever sampled the Golconda Pahadi kabab. The same goes with Falaknuma and Chowmahalla too.

For the first time, one can sink teeth into succulent kababs named after the bewitching palaces and monuments of Hyderabad. And sure enough they live up to the mighty names they carry and taste as well.

One don’t have to go down to the old city to savour these mouth-watering delicacies. The shahi spread is available bang in the Eat Street on Necklace Road.

Sultans Biryani and Kababs, which opened here recently, has become the toast of the town. The Hyderabadi cuisine was something missing here and Sultans has filled this space.

A young techie, M.A. Basith, is behind this venture. Apparently, there is no connection between the world of software and haute cuisine.

But since the discovery of a new dish does more to human happiness than the discovery of a new star, Mr. Basith has chosen to put his software skills to tickle the taste buds.

Why the historic names? “I want to redefine the great hospitality of Hyderabad and what better way than to name the dishes after the erstwhile rulers,” he says.

So you have Asaf Jahi kababs, Qutb Shahi kababs, Falaknuma kababs to name a few. Other exotic names go like this: Murgh Shahana, Pathar Gosht, Tunday Galauti kabab.

Well, Hyderabad is known for its biryani. But Mr. Basith plans to promote the luscious kababs as a brand.

Of course he also serves the Sultan ki Biryani. Soon he proposes to come out with Handi-ki-Biryani, an authentic biryani which is cooked in the earthen ‘handi’ only.

Given its strategic location, Eat Street attracts not just the tourists, yuppies but also the commoners from both Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

“Delicious kababs are something one would like to enjoy while savouring the picturesque Husainsagar,” says Ramesh, a tourist.

Sultans has a live kitchen where one can see the dish of his choice being cooked. Kababs apart from the Sultani Sheermal, Ajwain Naan and Chironjee Naan are something to look forward to.

With a view to promote the rich culture and hospitality of Hyderabad, Sultans plans to hold a quiz competition on a regular basis. The winners will get free meals and free boat rides in the Hussainsagar. Howzatt!


The ‘sultan’ of kababs December 25, 2012

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