With the exam season getting over on Saturday, parents found it even more convenient to be a part of the contest

Over 300 participants packed the Meena Function Hall at Vijayanagar Colony, making the fourth edition of the Freedom Refined Sunflower oil’s The Hindu MetroPlus Cookery Contest a grand success.

With exams getting over on Saturday, parents found it even more convenient to be a part of the contest.

Women of all age groups converged at the venue, well before the designated time, confident of what they felt was unique from their kitchen. From college-goers to grandmothers, all of them waited patiently, participating in the trivia rounds — including the surprise lucky draw — much before the final winners in the three categories were announced.

While choosing winners for the dessert and vegetarian categories was something of a no-brainer, the non-vegetarian category had the adjudicators in a fix, with the fare being reassessed by the group of judges, chefs from Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Applied Nutrition.

Each participant also took care to present items with the recipe for the benefit of the judges and audience.

Variety was the buzzword at the dessert section, with items ranging from fancy Italian to desi sweets. While women in the seniors category mostly showcased traditional sweets, the younger lot preferred to stick to the fancy varieties in the three categories. Each participant was to present only one dish.

The winners in the three categories are: Vegetarian: Shalini Jain, Pooja Sharma, Manasi Panigrahi; Non-vegetarian: Fauzisa Nahid, Syeda Usamah, Hameera Fatima; Dessert: Yosgita B. Seth, Sarita Agarwal, Amreen Sultana.


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