A teenager involved in a series of chain snatchings was arrested by the city police on Sunday.

Police caught Mohammed Akheeluddin alias Khalifa (19), hardware and networking expert and resident of Chandrayangutta, while checking vehicles at Saidabad crossroads.

Gold ornaments, a bike, a car, two LCDs and two daggers, all worth over Rs.30 lakh were recovered.

27 offences

Khalifa and his two associates, who were absconding, were involved in 27 offences that took place in the city such as Musheerabad, Chaderghat, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar and Chatrinaka police station limits.

Jailed earlier

Aqueeluddin was arrested by Chaderghat police in December 2012 for the same offence but after getting released from jail in January 2013, he continued the crime and was involved in 27 chain snatchings. The accused used high speed bikes for committing the snatchings.

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