‘Party should improve the industry and our work conditions’.

If one were to compare their importance in the electoral space today, the techies have transited from being known as an indifferent set of voters in previous elections to that of a significant force.

Many of the three lakh odd IT workforce from the city can be actively seen endorsing or dismissing political parties or leaders in social media or taking up activism of various kinds. While the parties have been trying to woo this section knowing their influence in the society, the techies say their vote will go to those who will improve the industry and their work conditions.

“I would like to see a legislation which would give IT employees a secure and stable future,” said Y. Kiran Chandra, founder member, Forum for IT Professionals. “We need better working environment as the pressure is so much that it is leading to suicides. The companies generate surplus revenues but they do not reflect in the well being of the employee. There needs to be grievance mechanisms, housing security and others. If convinced that any party will work towards these issues, then only I will vote for them.”

Some also vouch for a stable government to improve the over all condition of the industry. Raju Nadimpalli, Director, ATS Pvt Ltd said, “I hope to see a single largest party forming a government. The coalition rule has struggled to push through reforms. We expect an improvement in investment climate and better policy decision-making by the ruling party. We are sick of the scams and misuse of public money which had effected the reputation of the country.”

There are many who would like to see better governance making the best use of technology. “I would like to see e-governance initiatives being strengthened. The new government should simplify the day-to-day interaction with the government and ensure more awareness related to citizens rights,” said Ali Hussaini, IT professional and a RTI activist.

Sriram Bhupathiraju, a former employee of the IT industry said “Basic governance is what people want and need. For instance, citizen should be able to schedule a meeting with the constituency representative on the phone or on the internet. An effective 24-hour toll free service for emergencies is another thing I would like to see. More information related to the constituency and its issues can be publicised regularly through internet, radio and newspapers.”

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